Consulting is one of the most powerful sales tools for outsourced developers.

A satisfied client with a good product is the main outsourcing business task. Don’t try to sell the unprofitable for a client, but the profitable solution for you. Otherwise, you will work both without the client and without the profit.

Be an advisor for your client. Offer options that will solve the current problem and move forward.

Be honest. Trust is essential in B2B promotion.

From our side, we are ready to help our future customers in creating their products. To find out more visit our website:

The partnership between the university and business creates a market of highly skilled specialists. In this collaboration, the education system receives relevant requests from existing industry players.

We cooperate with universities. We invite designers and engineers for student internships, deliver lectures, conduct master classes. Also, we take part in the formation of topics of theses.

Some of our employees have joined us because of this interaction. Diploma projects are demonstrated at international exhibitions and competitions. Some grow into products ready for the market.

You can see some of these projects on our website:

Retailers are increasingly open to developing their products. What is the difference between retailers who want their product and product companies?

• Retailers are more pragmatic. They know for sure the capacity of the niche, what kind of product is needed, who will buy it, and at what price.

• Development and its stages for the retailer is a tool to achieve the goal, not a process for reflection.

• The prototype for retailers is often very close to the golden sample. Such a client is focused on the end result, the product on the shelf.

Our team offers a full in new product development. Moreover, we are ready to calculate a complete business case for putting your product into production.

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During the collaboration, product companies could get from an outsourced team not only required results, but also cross-industry knowledge. What we are talking about, we will tell below.

1. More efficient use of resources — time, labor efforts, and focus on the result.

2. Expanding technical outlook through quick access to specific pieces of knowledge. Moreover, the external team can offer a wider specter of ideas and solutions for your product development.

3. Over time, the focus of product companies is narrowing to their own product and development processing. External companies could expand your market horizon and develop a competitive product, which will help you to grow your business.

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